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Source Code Control Tools



This panel lets you activate and enters the path to the various supported Source Code Controls.

In front of each Source Code Control tool name, a checkbox let you tell if you want this tool to be active. When a tool is active, it is proposed in the SCC Source Dialog Box.

The Modify button displays the SCC Tool Dialog Box.

The Auto-detect button re-run the Auto-detection scripts. Auto-detection scripts try to fill empty paths with values which are sensible on the current machine.

The tools supported by Ellié Computing Merge are tools which provide a few operations through their command line tool. Ellié Computing Merge computes the command line to execute from the path entered in the SCC Tool Dialog Box, though you generally do not have to enter it yourself thanks to the Auto-detection mechanism. When the execution ends, it treats the results, generally by parsing it through a set of pre-configured regular expressions.

The supported tools are listed in the SCC Tool Dialog Box documentation.

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