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SCC Tool Dialog Box



This dialog box let you enter the path to one of the support SCC tool executable.
Thanks to the built-in scripting technology, we have added an auto-detection feature which is generally able to fill these paths for you. Nonetheless you can modify the result of the detection if it does not fit your purpose.

Currently the supported tools are the following:

  • Under Windows:
Tool Default installation path Executable Name Tested versions
Bazaar C:\Program Files\Bazaar bzr.exe 1.17
CVS 1.11 c:\usr\bin cvs[-1.11].exe 1.11-
Darcs - darcs.exe 2.4+
Git C:\Program Files\Git git.exe 1.7
Git over SSH (none) ssh.exe OpenSSH 5.2+
Git over PLink c:\prorgram files\PuTTY plink.exe 0.63
ionForge Evolution c:\program files\ionForge\ionForge Evolution cscmdln.exe  
Mercurial (hg) c:\program files\mercurial hg.exe  
Perforce (P4) c:\program files\perforce p4.exe  
SubVersion (SVN) c:\program files\subversion svn.exe  1.5-1.7
Visual Source Safe c:\program files\Microsoft Visual Studio [year]\VSS\win32 ss.exe 6.0 to 2005

Git over SSH or PLink expects that the git hosts simply accept "git" as the git command and UTF-8 to be used for all accented characters. 

  • Under Unix and Mac OS X:
    • Same as Windows, except Microsoft Visual Sourcesafe and ionForge which do not exist on these platforms. The executable don't have the .exe extension and are searched without it in the PATH environment variable.

Nota Bene:

  • We studied the well-founded of integrating with ClearCase, but the philosophy of ClearCase is different from most other tools in the regard of listing folders and accessing files. ClearCase uses the notion of view specifications which works only with a mapping, it makes the listing directly in ECMerge unnecessary as you must access your files and folders directly as in a local filesystem. Nonetheless we build an integration to use ECMerge as the visual differ/merger in ClearCase, see Integration with Configuration Management Systems.
  • ionForge Evolution seems to be discontinued and support for this tool is therefore as is.
  • Perforce client is supported in both normal and Unicode mode (beware that you need to configure the server appropriately).
  • Git can access user git repositories as well as so called "bare" repositories.
  • Subversion: some build of the command line Subversion tool on Windows use the OEM code page to output their results, some use the ANSI code page. If the accented characters appears garbled in ECMerge user interface, please open scc/svn.xml and replace the character "1" by "2" in the occurrence of the string: <stdout_encoding system_encoding="1" />

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