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Témoignages / Clients

Voici une courte liste de ce que disent nos utilisateurs et des sites à propos de Ellié Computing Merge.

  • About ECMerge:
    • Konstantin Taranov (May 2014): Great thanks! [...] Your program is the best utility to compare documents.
    • Robert Harmon (from Newton Design and Marketing, January 2014): I can't tell you enough how happy I am to be using Ellie Computing Merge, I rely on it every day for work. I tried using an alternative program and while it worked, it was a horrible user experience and I had Ellie Computing Merge envy.
    • Jim S. (Jan. 2012) : Thank you for doing such good work and providing it at "human-scale" (that's way lower than "enterprise-scale") pricing.
    • J.R. Heath (Jan. 2010): ECMerge is a great tool.
    • DiffUtils.com: Our rating for this software is 9/10. This software is specifically designed for software engineers, web authors and other professionals who work with multiple revisions of text files. It can also be used as an external diff in version control environment.[...]
    • Misuse.org article, "Although I didn't expect this, the overall winner in my opinion, is ECMerge".
    • "Dear Support Team, we are using EC-Merge since two years and we are very satisfied. We think it is the best available Mergetool...." M.F.
  • About our support:
    "Twelve minutes to reply of a ticket. Hey, thanks, that's fast!" F. E.
    "Thanks very much for the prompt response." M.E.
    "Hurrah! That did it - thanks!" M.J.T
    "Got it, thanks. Very quick response to my issues, as usual." M.D.
  • About our component/service:
    "Thank you very much for your so fast response. The screenshot looks fantastic - I cannot believe that you could achieve so much in so short time [...] One more time - I envy you for your coding skills, the component looks amazing " D.D

Quelques clients qui utilisent ECMerge:

  • ADT Fire And Security
  • ARC International
  • Alcatel Lucent
  • Applus AutoLogic, Inc
  • Artisan Software
  • Bravura Solutions
  • C Guru, Inc.
  • CDK GmbH
  • CDK Informationstechnologie & Services
  • Conceptus Inc.
  • dbMeastro
  • DG
  • DST International Pty Ltd
  • DekaBank
  • dreamingpixels design and dev
  • Egerer + Tandogan GmbH
  • Finisar Corp
  • Global Wine Company
  • Goldman Sachs Japan Holdings, Ltd
  • Grundy UFA TV Produktions GmbH
  • HTP Inc.
  • Hewlett Packard
  • Honeywell ESAE
  • Indicium Web Design
  • infinite Group Ltd
  • Infors AG
  • Ircona Ltd.
  • J.L. Richards & Associates Limited
  • J.R.Heath & Associates
  • Jaycees Computer Centre
  • Kenwalt
  • Kewego
  • Lectronix
  • LegalXtraNet
  • M35 LTD
  • MRC Prion Unit
  • MTA
  • MULTIVAC GmbH & Co. KG
  • Maxxam Analytics
  • Medallia Nordic AS
  • Metacafe
  • National CineMedia
  • Nederlandse Spoorwegen
  • Netupdate Inc.
  • Nexans
  • ObjectRiver
  • P.V.S. Electronic Developments bvba
  • Payworks
  • PersuasiveSoftware LLC
  • Pipl
  • Pride Industries
  • Princeton Consultants
  • SEP sprl
  • Scots it
  • Seibel Technologies
  • Semichem, Inc.
  • Symantec
  • TRW Conekt
  • Tecnologia GER
  • UCF
  • YouSendIt
  • ZoomMed