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generate reports between labels or branches of a SCC or SCM?



Ellié Computing Merge has HTML and XML reports features. These features are available from command line, this a particularly important point: you can batch or make your own home-made tools for your Source Code Control or Software Change Management. Most of these tools have poor reporting features.

ECMerge allows you to directly access various VCS repositories, just by entering a special URL (such as: vss://server/path/db.ini;type=db/pathindb for VSS, use the Source Code Control Source input dialog box to compose these URLs). You can compose URLs specifying branches, labels and dates, any configuration is accessible.

Ellié Computing Merge can be used in combination with the command line 'get' feature of most of these tools to first get your content for the wanted configurations then launch Merge on these snapshots.

Here is a sample for Visual Source Safe that you can easily adapt to your source code control (if you need this script for another source code control, please contact our support at http://www.elliecomputing.com, we'll try to help you and add the script to our site).

@pushd %~dp0
@echo off
rem batch to compare two labels in Source Safe
rem Parameters: <server_path> <database_path> <label1> <label2> <target_file> <options-set>

set SSDIR=%1
echo Getting sources for label %3
ss cp %2
md %TMP%\%3
ss get -VL%3 -GCK "-GL%TMP%\%~3" -R .

echo Getting sources for label %4
md %TMP%\%4
ss get -VL%4 -GCK "-GL%TMP%\%~4" -R .

@echo on
merge.exe --options-set=%6 --export-to=%5 -Xhtml "%TMP%\%~3" "%TMP%\%~4"


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