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Troubleshooting report generation



On Windows

  • Ellié Computing Merge uses Microsoft XML by default through the MSXSL.EXE tool. If you get the message "Could not locate a recognized version of MSXML on the machine. Please re-install MSXML version 2.6 or later", please get MSXML from Microsoft web site ( http://msdn.microsoft.com/XML/XMLDownloads/default.aspx). The report generation was tested succesfully with MSXML3 and MSXML4 SP2.

On Unix (Linux, Solaris)

  • Ellié Computing Merge is pre-configured to work with xsltproc which comes with the package libxslt or alone as xsltproc package.
    You can use another XSLT processor if you have another one installed, by configuring the command line in the application command line configuration panel. The command line uses three special parameters: $(input) for the XML input file, $(output) for the result of the XSLT processor and $(xsl) for the stylesheet. Ellié Computing Merge automatically escapes these parameters so that you do not have to care about spaces inside these arguments. For example: xsltproc -o $(output) $(xsl) $(input)
  • If an error message telling that a locale is not available is shown at the application startup (such as "fr_FR" or "es_ES"), the report generation will fail as well. To solve this, you must install the locale with the 'Add locale' option of your system installer.
    • on Debian based systems, use the command "dpkg-reconfigure locales" to add the wanted locales (add the version with UTF8 support at least)

On MacOS

  • xsltproc being installed by default on MacOS, you should not have any issue when generating reports within Ellié Computing Merge.