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Report generation as patch



Ellié Computing Merge supports 3 versions of patch files:

  • normal. This is the oldest patch format.
  • context, both sides
  • context, unified

Select the source and target sides to generate the patch.

 You can resolve some conflicts into the result view, and export a patch between any input file and the result view. This allows you to generate one patch including a subset of modifications that you want to communicate to another user.

The context length field lets you specify the number of lines to include as context in the patch.

You can export patches from folders views. The export follows the usual convention for the chosen format. Binary files get a simple summary telling if the file changed, was identical, added or removed. The same selection mechanisms apply (as for other patch formats), see Reports dialog box for details.

The patches can be exported to a file or to the clipboard, allowing you to accumulate several patches easily into an editor tab or to past them into an email.

 You can also use the  Import patch feature to check or apply a patch in your source code.

Press F1 or click on the Help button while in this dialog box will show this topic.

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