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How to buy Ellié Computing Merge ?



This program is not free, it is copyrighted software that is provided to allow you to evaluate it before paying. If you make use of this software for any purpose other than evaluation or evaluates it for a longer period than 30 days , then you must purchase the software.

You first need to decide which edition and how many licences to buy. If you do not know exactly the number of licenses that you need, please contact us.

There are several ways to purchase Ellié Computing Merge:

  1. By credit card:
    Visit Ellié Computing   web site for different ways of ordering Ellié Computing Merge via credit card.
  2. By check (in Euros only and from a bank located in France)
    • website order, print the order form
    • send the filled order form along with a check to Ellié Computing, to
      2 allée de la Butte aux Cailles
      93160 NOISY LE GRAND
  3. By wire transfer:
    • Please contact us to find out bank information necessary to complete wire transfer
    • Transfer funds
    • Fill the order form
    • E-mail the filled form to our commercial team or send it to
      2 allée de la Butte aux Cailles
      93160 NOISY LE GRAND
  4. Purchase Order
    Send us your Purchase Order by fax to +33 1 58 28 53 13, by email or mail, you will need to pay 30 Day Term and accept to pay transfer fee if your purchase is for less than $US 1000 (one thousand US dollar) 

To check on the status of your order, please contact us directly.

 The credit card orders are handled by third party registration services. The serial number is sent automatically as soon as the payment is received and you can get an invoice from the payment provider.