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Platform differences



Although every effort has been made to make Ellié Computing Merge work the same way on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and Solaris, few small differences remain.

  • Due to system specifications, Folder Comparison case sensitiveness in filenames is ignored, by default, on Windows, matched on Linux. You can change this option in Folder Comparison options.
  • Some encodings are supported only on Windows platform (namely those marked as windows-XXXX in the encoding lists). These encodings includes ISCII and some other encodings from which most are redundant with nearly equal encodings (e.g. Big5, Korean...) 
  • A few shortcuts are different on Mac OS X, because Mac OS X reserves them for another use.

 Under Linux and Solaris:

  • the Options dialog box contains a section about command lines. You are asked to select or type the command line to use to launch the shell. This is used to launch external applications running as console. You can also specify an alternative XSLT processor to use to generate HTML reports, and comparisons statistics.
  • you need to have a locale installed to activate the given translation in Ellié Computing Merge (e.g. you can not select German translation if the de_DE locale is not there)
  • there is no UTF normalization in folder differentiation
  • the documentation called from the Help button in modal dialogs is itself modal. You have to quit the help window to return to the dialog. On Windows, you can switch back to the dialog without quitting the help viewer, the documentation window is not modal.

On Old Windows platforms:

  • Windows 9x / Me and 2000 are no more supported.