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install converters?



If you have a file within a format that ECMerge cannot deal with directly, you need a converter.

Now that you determined which converter to use there are three main cases:

  1. ECMerge does not have any entry in Converters panel for it: contact us we will make an entry for it.
  2. The converter has an installer and places the converter in a well defined place (on Linux, Mac and Solaris, probably adding the executable in a predefined folder in the PATH variable; on Windows, probably creating a registry entry): in this case restarting ECMerge should be enough to detect it.
  3. The converter is just in a ZIP or tgz file: place the executable and its dependencies in user-converters sub-folder of ECMerge application directory (in Mac OS X, you'll have to "Show package contents" in the Finder, the user-converters folder is in Contents/MacOS within the package).

So basically it should go very smoothly, if it is not the case contact us, we are here to help!

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