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Reselling ECMerge and affiliate downloads



ECMerge is sold primarily through Internet and Ellié Computing chose RegNow for its affiliation network.

Under Windows, your simpler solution is to use RegNow affiliation and installer, however under Mac OS X, Linux and Solaris 10 there is no such technical solution.
On these platforms (and on Windows if you prefer), in order to help you provide a simple experience for the installation, and avoid loosing affiliate sales, we added two features in all the versions of ECMerge:

  • When you sell ECMerge, you can provide the user with his serial number easily by copying a file in the normal location for its user settings. You can provide your own installer around Ellié Computing package or repackage the installer in order to do that.
    • Under Unixes, the location is either $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/Ellie Computing/FileHistorizer/serial_number.txt or $HOME/.config/Ellie Computing/FileHistorizer/serial_number.txt if $XDG_CONFIG_HOME is not defined.
    • Under Windows, the location is in the roaming application settings, again then at   Ellie Computing/FileHistorizer/serial_number.txt
  • When you provide a trial download, you can install a file called " purchase_url.txt" with a URL inside, just aside ECMerge executable ( guimerge / ecmerge.exe), this URL will be used in place of Ellié Computing normal purchase URL when pressing "Purchase Now" button and menu item.

ECMerge supports so called "OEM" license numbers, we can generate special numbers working only with a special version of ECMerge that we provide to you. That version is still fully signed with our code certificate. It allows you to provide your own mechanism for license enforcement for example for pay-per-use, or to bundle a version of the standalone ECMerge with your software (and avoid the risk of leaking the serial number).

 If you want to sell ECMerge and consider these solutions insufficient or have comments to improve them, please contact us through our website.