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Submit a problem dialog box



The "Submit a problem" dialog box let you submit a problem with ECMerge directly to our ticket interface from within ECMerge.

This dialog box has a simple interface, you cannot attach files to the submitted problem, if you need so please contact our support team by mail at info@elliecomputing.com

Subject / Description of the problem

Please describe your problem and if possible the steps to reproduce it.


Please provide a valid email in this field, as our replies will be sent to this address

Submit button

When you press this button, ECMerge will communicate with our server and send the information that you specified together with this information:

  • your platform (Windows, Linux...)
  • you serial number, it helps us connect the problem reports to your account on our site
  • the language selected for ECMerge interface so that we can guide you in the interface for your own language

 Once pressed the label at the bottom of the box informs you about the success of the submission.