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The reference copy of options set '<name>' changed in the application since the session was last activated, do you want to replace the session settings or keep them?



This message happens when ECMerge dectected changes in the values of a given options set since you last viewed a document, and that document get viewed again.

It happens generally after changing options in an Options Set and switching again to a document using it. It also happens when opening again Template or Status files.

How to deal with this message?

  • Keep (current options): in this case a new (temporary) options set is created for you, this options set is isolated from the previous options set so it keeps its original values, if the file types and converters changed the new options set gets the "Use shared file types" and/or "Use shared converters" disabled. 
    • Basically you want to choose this solution when you do not want any changes to your document options. If you save your Template or Status file again, the new options set name is used, and no collisions will happen anymore (you may want to rename the options set yourself and choose a good time-lasting name). 
  • Replace (with application options): the document's options are replaced with those coming from the application, so all the file types, convertes and comparison options are kept coherent with the application.
    • You generally want to choose this option when you are working with the comparison actively and want latest options to be used

If you are not sure about what to do:

  • Use the 'Keep' choice, note the name of the new and old Options sets
  • Use the macro command "Compare configuration objects", choose "Compare two options sets", select the two options sets, the macro will display a list of changed value (with values in both new and old options set).
  • You can then easily choose if you want to keep old value definitely (touching nothing, or renaming the temporary options set with a permanent distinct name) or accept the new values by simply selecting the new application's options set in the Options Sets combo (placed at top right in the toolbar).