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Extensions to ECMAScript



ECMerge ECMAScript engine respects ECMAScript 1 third edition standard. In a few situations, the standard objects miss functions or existing functions parameters must support more than what ECMAScript standard expects to be really useful in Ellié Computing Merge. Note that even when an object or function is extended, the behaviour remains the standard behaviour as long as the provided arguments are those expected by the standard.

Here a list of objects and functions added or modified:

RegExp object

A endIndex property was added to that object, it is undefined by default, letting the default behaviour happen. If set, it limits the searches to be strictly before it for forward searches or after or at it for backward searches. It allows to set bounds to searches in potentially extremely large files.

All the functions taking a String argument to be searched are able to work directly on a enumerable text object. Currently the two objects to support this interface are TextDocument.Content and BinaryDocument.Content.

RegExp.execBackward function

The interface for this function is identical to that of RegExp.exec function. It searches backward from lastIndex excluded down to index 0 or endIndex if it is defined. It allows to search efficiently for a pattern in backward direction.

toSource method

This method is present on all built-in objects. It is done so that calling eval ( object.toSource ( ) ) yield a clone of object.
NB: Function objects do not have proper toSource method (toString is not implemented as well).