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Unix Patch Format string




Specifies a format of Unix Patch.


Value Description
unix-diff-context Contextual format, with both sides contexts output. This format store contextual information for both sides and thus can be applied in forward and reverse without knowledge of normalization function used to ignore insignificant differences in the context.
unix-diff-normal Normal format (i.e. legacy format), no context is output. This format stores no context and thus does not suffer from small changes in the lines around patch items however if line numbers change because of line insertion or removal, patch application might be dangerous
unix-diff-unified Unified format, only one side of context is output. This format stores contextual information once only, and can thus applied easily only in forward mode. In reverse mode, the patcher needs to know how to ignore insignificant differences present in the context (of course if the context is exactly the same there is no problem).