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ECMerge bugfix 1.2.34 description

Creation date
Friday, September 8, 2006
Last updated
Sunday, September 10, 2006
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  • Text editor would always ask for new file name when saving a file opened from MRU combo
  • Added dynamic language handling. Simply adding a directory with a language code and the right files inside it (lg.xml, report.xsl and .po files) will show new language in Language / Application box. If you want to translate Merge, please contact us, we will give you explanation and material to easily translate the software. We can give free licences to translators
  • Renamed "File Comparisons" into "Text Comparisons" in order to prepare for other types of differentiations
  • Improved memory footprint of the statistical engine as well as its speed
  • Fixed some translations
  • Improved documentation
  • Simplified Licence

Folder Comparisons

  • Default comparison option is now set back to "Check files content if date or size are different"
  • Fixed problem stopping idle comparisons
  • Fixed crash when using backward find on  fully empty differentiation

Text Comparisons

  • Fixed crash in XML Filter on some mal-formed XML
  • XML Filter defaults were changed from "All tags" to "Tags with no spaces", which should have been the default (because it gives far better results)


  • Fixed bug in binary file report using monochrome rendering
  • Fixed bug generating simple binary reports from command line
  • Fixed bug preventing report generation when using relative paths from command line
  • Fixed bug in folder reports forcing column widths to inappropriate values
  • Fixed bug preventing generation of Unix Patch sub-reports in HTML/XML mode
  • Fixed least/most recent icon background bug in IE
  • Added explanation on how to print HTML reports from IE, Mozilla, Netscape with best rendering
  • Added new details within the files differences statistics in folders report
  • Added explanation about last Changes Count column in folders report
  • Added information about changes inside conflicts for text files, making it easier to evaluate the actual time to solve these conflicts
  • Added new option "Format lines in a single column for identical parts", this new option is activated by default
  • Added information about actual loading encoding for files
  • Changed HTML reports graphical design to follow Ellié Computing website
  • Reduced the size of generated HTML reports (up to 30% in common cases, theoretically up to 70%)

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