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ECMerge bugfix 1.2.32 description

Creation date
Thursday, June 15, 2006
Last updated
Friday, June 16, 2006
Number of times viewed
  • Fixed a regression bug when trying to open a binary comparison from command line
  • Fixed a regression bug when using the "Fill from clipboard" menu item in text mode
  • Fixed a regression bug when reloading folders documents (particular actions could provoque "Document not recognized" error)
  • Added handling for 32 new encodings on Windows (ISCII, Chinese, Japanese...)
  • Improved the behaviour of the software when it is not possible to make a backup file prior to saving (text views)
  • Fixed a visual bug in time field of "Filter by date" panel
  • Improved transitional memory overhead when loading large text files or pasting large texts
  • Added link in demo/test welcome screen to check if a newer version of the soft exists

  • Renaming a file or folder in folder view would overwrite target file without confirmation

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