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ECMerge bugfix 1.2.31 description

Creation date
Thursday, June 8, 2006
Last updated
Friday, June 9, 2006
Number of times viewed
  • Fixed display problem in Text Comparisons HTML report generation: now constraint the file contents display to the screen width even with very long lines of text making the reports suitable for printing
  • Improved rendering of monochrome reports
  • Fixed Ctrl+TAB view navigation on Linux
  • View navigation gives focus to last used source
  • Searched text is now selected when opening Find box
  • Default action in Folder view is now to Open Diff is diff mode, Merge in merge mode (rather than always Diff)
  • Added shortcut for Delete (Shift+Delete key) in Folder view
  • "Set text output options" is now always available for Folder (even in Diff mode) to allow converting Generic Copy
  • Markers, ignored items and resolutions actions in Folder view are kept in more situations making a document easier to re-use

Templates and status files
  • Fixed a bug preventing reload of certain ancient ECM? files
  • Fixed a bug which discarded markers and ignored items at save time in rare conditions

  • Default installation now works out-of-the-box in most Linux systems (kernels 2.4 / 2.6)
  • Added a "Web browser" command line in the Commands panel of the Application Options. This command line is used as a fallback, if the system settings to launch a web browser cannot be found or used.

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