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Merge Files and Folders on Windows, Linux, OSX and Solaris

Ellié Computing Merge compares, merges and synchronizes text files, images and folders on Windows XP and later, Linux and Solaris 10 (x86), and of course on Mac OS X since Leopard (for Intel and PowerPC).

ECMerge is compiled and integrated natively on each of these platforms. ECMerge is extremely fast, it can compare more than one thousand source files per minute on a simple Core Duo PC.

ECMerge integrates with your file explorer on Windows but as well on Mac OS X and Linux (Nautilus, Konqueror and Thunar).

Synchronizing two folders with ECMerge on Mac OS X Merging two source codes with an ancestor in ECMerge under Win7
Comparing two SubVersion configuration in ECMerge from a Debian Linux Synchronization of FTP versus local folder with ECMerge under Solaris 10 x86
See also: Compatibility and System Requirements