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Image Comparisons Options



Apply image comparison for files matching the following patterns

All files matching the specified patterns will be compared using the Image comparison algorithm and the corresponding options

Default view opened on startup

Choose the default image comparison algorithm to use when opening a new Image Comparison document. Two differentiation styles are available:

  • Difference (all colour components or channel per channel)
  • Blank Similar

More info about the Differentiation Styles.

Respect aspect ratio

Streching actions will respect aspect ratio. If this option is unchecked, the  will be enabled.

Channel per channel

Used in the "Difference" algorithm mode. The difference colours are directly derived from the mathematical difference between the colours components (e.g. black is no difference at all, white difference for all the components) 

Exactness / Difference

Identical pixels are those for which the amount is less or equal to the Exactness threshold. Different pixels are those above the Difference threshold. The Similar pixels are the others. These metrics appear in the status bar.

Display PSNR and MSE

Check this option to display the PSNR and MSE metrics in the status bar

Use visual comparison as comparison criterium for folder items

if unchecked, this option will make Ellié Computing Merge compare image files content using the binary comparison algorithm, therefore images will be considered as binary files. This option improve Folder Comparison speed and memory consumption.

 Folder Comparison Statistics computed with this option will not content any "image file" info at global level, but there can be a detailled statistics paragraph computed from Image internal statistics aggregation during Image Comparison Reports generation.

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