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Generic Copy dialog box (Folders)



This dialog box is displayed when cut and paste, drag and drop or choose Copy from the contextual or top level Actions menu in a Folders view.

The Generic Copy is so called because of the numerous options that it proposes. It contains the following elements:

  • Source and Destination: you can select here the source and destination of the copy operation.
  • Type of Action: one of Copy (create files and folders and overwrite all files), Binary Copy (same as Copy, but disabling text conversion features), Mirror (reproduce exactly the the source in destination, removing if necessary files and folders from destination), Update (overwrite only older files). These actions are a subset of possible actions. They position the checkboxes in the list to usual values.
  • Action Type / Statistics list: This list shows you all the possible actions. Those which are checked may be done during the copy, those unchecked are forbidden. Here is the list of the actions:
    • File / Folder creations: allow the creation of respective objects
    • Overwrite older / newer / files with same date: allow the overwrite of respective files. Note that the dates take into account the time adjustments.
    • File / Folder deletions: if checked, missing files or folders in source will be deleted in target
    • File / Folder unlocks: if checked, locked files or folders will be unlocked else locked files or folders won't be touched
    • Plain text recognitions and conversions: you can configure each panel in Merge with different loading or saving encodings. If this action is checked, file copy will first detect if the file is in text format and if it the case it will determine if a conversion is necessary. If this action is unchecked, only binary copies will occur
    • Operations on masked items: by default, masked items are never touched by any algorithm. If checked, all the items will be encompassed by the algorithm, not only visible items.
    • the remaining entries have no effect in this particular situation and are there to present the statistics (e.g. Access errors). 
  • Test button: launch the operation in test mode. No action will actually occur they will be simulated and it will give you an idea of the action that would occur. Please note that encoding detections are not done in this phasis to avoid lengthy simulations.
  • Run button: actually run the operations
  • Auto-run unless Shift is pressed: if this option is checked and Shift is not pressed, the operation is run as soon as statistics were computed

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