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Advanced Text Comparisons



Study word level differences / Study character level differences

If one or both of these options are checked, differences inside the lines will be studied and displayed.
Using word level differences generaly speeds up the process and gives reasonably simple results.
Using character level differences will study the text character by character, producing tighter differences. However the number of elements being higher the algorithm will be slower and tend to find more false matches (i.e. producing very short matching sequences with many changes).
Using both generally produce fast a tight good-looking result.

Join differences separated by less than N non-blank characters

This option, when N is not 0, enables the simplification algorithm. This algorithm studies the characters between two differences if there are less than N non-blank characters matching between two differences, the match is considered to be a false match and is included inside the difference.
Using a large N will tend to melt changes and present a simple and clear difference but less accurate.
Using a small N (less than 3) will tend to let many small matches.

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