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Languages dialog box



This dialog box appears when selecting the View / Languages / More Languages...menu item. It displays the full list of languages supported for syntax colouring. You can also use it to change the language of the current text file (or text comparison) if the desired language does not appear is the favourite languages.

Bookmark your favourite languages with the check boxes and click on "Save". They will appear in the View / Languages menu.

Select the language to use for the current text file, and click on "Select".

Here is a list of some supported languages

  • C/C++, C#, Visual Basic, VB Script,
  • Java, Javascript,
  • ASP, PHP,
  • Ada, Eiffel, SmallTalk,
  • TeX/LaTeX,
  • Perl, TCL,
  • Pascal/Delphi and several forms of Basic,
  • Makefiles, and batches (DOS and Unix shell batches)

 Press F1 or click on the Help button while in this dialog box will show this topic.

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