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Moving in binary files



You can move in files by using the arrow keys on the keyboard, the scrollbars, the toolbar navigation icons the Go To Offset dialog box.

  • Toolbar buttons

Binary Comparisons do not allow merging for the moment but only display differences. Nevertheless, all the navigation actions are activated:

Next Difference Previous Difference Next (F7) and Previous (Shift+F7) difference buttons
Next Conflict Previous Conflict Next (F8) and Previous (Shift+F8) conflict buttons
Next Unresolved Conflict Previous Unresolved Conflict Next (F9) and Previous (Shift+F9) unresolved conflict buttons
  • Collapsible blocks 

Long blocks of differences or of long equal bytes sequences can be folded by clicking on the '-' sign in front of the first block line or the folding bar. Unfold by clicking on the '+' sign.

NB: there is currently no file overview graphs as in text comparison. Use the menu View / Collapse all to collapse all the collapsible sections, it highlights immediately what is most interesting in the comparison 

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