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File types Options



The panel displays a list of file types. This is the primary place to edit them. The check box in front of each file type indicates if it is to be used in new options sets by default.

ECMerge colours enabled file types in red when they are hidden by another more generic file type placed before in the list. Such a file type would be indeed never selected by ECMerge for use. The file type which hides another one is coloured in blue.

Here are the available actions:

  • New: you are prompted to select the document type (text, image...) for the file type, you can then enter appropriate label, patterns... see File Types dialog
  • Edit: the file type dialog opens to edit the file type
  • Remove: it removes the file type from all the options set which use shared file types
  • Move up / Move down: moves the file type in the list. This order is important as file types are tested in top/down order. The first file type which matches the sources at hand during a comparison determines the document type to use, then the other sources are checked if another file type is found, but with the same document type (text, image...) the file type is used else the default file type is used for those sources.
  • Import / Export: these actions load or save an ECMFT file, so that you can keep those file type safe or share them.

The View and Comparison Options dialog also has a File Types screen, editing a file type from there still edits the matching shared file type.

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