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Portable installation



Ellié Computing Merge now supports so called "portable installation". In this sentence portable refers to the fact of being 'portable in your pocket', e.g. in a USB drive. Portable installation works on all systems but is actually easy to handle only on Windows, if you want portable installation on other OS please read the full explanation at the bottom of this page.

Ellié Computing Merge supports this through a simple two-step installation:

  1. Install ECMerge the standard way as explained in the other entries
  2. Create a directory called "portable-settings" in the directory that you chose to install ECMerge.

That's all! From that point, Merge will save all the user information (settings, workspaces, sessions...) in that directory.

The normal user licence permits this usage.

More information

  • On Mac OS X, the directory for ECMerge is located inside the ecmerge.app application folder, you need to do 'open as folder' then create the  "portable-settings" folder inside the Contents folder, aside guimerge executable
  • On Solaris and Linux, install in the standard place, create the  "portable-settings" directory as explained above, then move the /opt/elliecomputing/merge directory were you want. You will have to run the guimerge-ldlib.sh script to run ECMerge.