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Item Resolution Class string




Those strings are used to represents the various comparisons cases in an item-based 2 or 3-way comparison (such as folder comparisons).
Some cases encompasses others, it means typically that setting a resolution action for this case will set it for all encompassed cases.


Value Description
absent This case happens when only the result side contains the item, which is therfore absent from left, right and ancestor (in 3-way)
added This case is characterized by the presence in left or right side of a new item, or in left and right side of the same item (in 3-way) 
always This case encompasses all the cases
diff-merge-able This case happens in 3-way, when two items of same nature (i.e. files / folders...) are both different from ancestor
diff-non-merge-able This case happens, when two items are of different natures (i.e. files / folders...)
different This case encompasses diff-merge-able and diff-non-merge-able
identical This case happens when left and right are identical. In 3-way, an ancestor must be present (different or identical)
removed This case happens in 3-way, when an item existing in the ancestor and in one side, disappeared in the other side
source-only This case happens in 2-way, when an item is present only in left side
target-only This case happens in 2-way, when an item is present only in right side

See also

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