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Software updates


ECMerge 2.5 build 207 (16/08/2020)

  • Fixed bug n490: on certain special characters with Unicode encoding enabled, Xtract could fail the extraction of text in RTF files

ECMerge 2.5 build 204 (02/12/2015)

  • Added partial Russian translation
  • Fixed bug n486: on huge images, ECMerge may crash while comparing
  • Fixed bug n487: when regular expression replacement ends with anti-slash, ECMerge hangs

  • Fixed bug n488: the exclamation point key might be ignored in some situations

ECMerge 2.5 build 203 (30/09/2014)

  • Fixed bug n484: redirection to asynchronous pipes of ECMerge output could fail for huge files

  • Implemented new signing policy for OS X Mavericks and OS X Yosemite
  • Fixed bug n485: ECMerge could crash when clicking web update blinking icon

ECMerge 2.5 build 201 (03/07/2014)

  • Fixed bug n482: A bug in German translation file could prevent ECMerge from saving template and status files

  • Fixed bug n483: A performance warning might be shown in console on Mavericks

ECMerge 2.5 build 200 (12/05/2014)

All platforms
  • Fixed bug n481: when a MS Office or OpenOffice file has a file name with accented characters, it might be left unconverted by Xtract

ECMerge 2.5 build 199 (12/03/2014)

  • Fixed bug n480: ECMerge may not run on Windows XP because of erroneous syntax in DPI awareness manifest

ECMerge 2.5 build 198 (26/02/2014)

  • Added support for Git over ssh (via ssh or PuTTY), on bare Windows we could get PuTTY to work and ssh to work in Linux/Mac OS X. The plug-in expects UTF-8 encoding for the accented file names in the Git repository.
  • Solaris 10 last build will be 2.5.196 for ECMerge 2.5, we don't plan to support Solaris for ECMerge 3.0, if you absolutely need ECMerge on Solaris, please contact us.

  • A 64 build is now available, although not rebuilt every time, drop us an email if you need the 64 bit build
  • ECMerge is not yet fully DPI aware, so flagged it as not DPI aware at all to avoid wrong display

  • Fixed bug n476: shortcut were not presented correctly on OS X Mavericks
  • Fixed bug n479: quitting while help is displayed might not request to save opened documents

  • Fixed bug n477: rare crash when displaying contextual menu in folder view or comparison

ECMerge 2.5 build 196 (12/19/2013)

  • Digitally signed the application (ECMerge.app) so that it installs smoothly on Snow Leopard and Mavericks

ECMerge 2.5 build 195 (12/04/2013)

  • Fixed bug n473: navigating with TAB in some options pages could crash ECMerge

  • Added OEM integration feature, OEM can now use serial numbers working only with their respective version of ECMerge

Text Converter
  • Fixed bug n472: Xtract might crash on invalid .doc file

  • Fixed bug n474: source control mappings creation might show spurious log messages
  • Fixed bug n475: ECMerge might crash in rare condition when certain combo boxes events were triggered

  • Improvement: ECMerge can now be called on all platforms as ecmerge.exe and ecmerge-cli.exe (once the installation path is known)

ECMerge 2.5 build 192 (09/16/2013)

  • Improved documentation about searching regular expression and hexadecimal string in binary files

  • Improvements n470: Xtract now supports some malformed Word .doc files generated by so called Microsoft Office compatible software

ECMerge 2.5 build 191 (06/21/2013)

  • Improved documentation about searching regular expression and hexadecimal string in binary files

  • Improvements n470: Xtract now supports some malformed Word .doc files generated by so called Microsoft Office compatible software

ECMerge 2.5 build 190 (04/29/2013)

  • Fixed bug n469: some wrong regular expression could crash ECMerge

Binary comparison
  • When the base used for addresses is hexadecimal, the status bar shows positions with a 'h' suffix e.g. 358h/8095h to make it clearer hexa is well used even if the expression of the position or file size contains no letter.

ECMerge 2.5 build 189 (03/25/2013)

  • Fixed bug n467: conversions do not occur as wanted with decorated file names (such as myfile.odt.r1000)
  • Changed behaviour of Xtract detection, now the version of Xtract in ECMerge application folder is always preferred to any other. This is checked every time ECMerge runs so that installing in a new folder does not keep using old converter.

  • Fixed bug n468: when merging, target folder creation might not be well presented to user

  • Added new report option -Xnone, to let the user script its own reports

  • Fixed various links in BinaryDocument documentation

  • Fixed bug n466: command line might hang when running comparisons with converters or generating reports (Windows)

ECMerge 2.5 build 187 (12/17/2012)

  • Added in How to... Install converters, documenting new "user-converters" sub-folder where to place converters to have them detected immediately
  • Fixed bug n464: Removing a converter from the Converters list would not disable the Remove button anymore, clicking it again could crash ECMerge

  • The default installation path does not contain anymore the accent in Elli Computing. It solves some problems with non Western OSes and works around bugs in other softwares expected to use ECMerge but with defficient support of Unicode.

  • Fixed bug n465: in a rare condition involving converters, ECMerge could crash

ECMerge 2.5 build 186 (10/19/2012)

  • Improved status bar reporting conflicts: the number of conflicts is now the number of remaining conflicts.

Mac OS X
  • Fixed bug n460: UI may get stuck after Merge or Generic copy box where used
  • Fixed bug n461: using Save, solve and close button does not always refresh appropriately the item in the folder view, though the actual operation occurred correctly
  • Fixed bug n462: crash could occur when trying to drag a button in the flying toolbar
  • Fixed bug n463: flying toolbar could show while hovering the scrollbars, sometimes making scrolling nonpractical

ECMerge 2.5 build 184 (09/28/2012)

  • Fixed bugs n457 and 459, importing old binary types or creating new file types may crash ECMerge in rare condition

  • Improved comparisons scheduling performance when thousands of comparison needs to be scheduled at once

ECMerge 2.5 build 183 (09/13/2012)

  • Use XDG conformant configuration directory on Linux, Solaris and Mac OS X

  • Improved Debian package to avoid a warning on Ubuntu 12

ECMerge 2.5 build 182 (07/30/2012)

  • Fixed a few typographical errors in German translation
  • Fixed Spanish and Italian translation for the Shell Extensions (Windows, Thunar, Nautilus, Konqueror, Mac OS X Leopard / Mac OS X Snow Leopard and later service)

Mac OS X
  • Fixed bug n455: on Leopard, Finder might hang until ECMerge is closed when using Finder extension, and files might be opened twice

  • Fixed bug n454: System.Console.readline might fail unexpectedly

ECMerge 2.5 build 181 (07/13/2012)

  • Added new German translation
  • Fixed bug n452: tabbing order might not be respected once tabs were dragged
  • Fixed bug n453: some Italian and Spanish translations might crash ECMerge at startup

ECMerge 2.5 build 180 (07/03/2012)

  • A new fly by menu and toolbar is displayed when hovering conflicts, so that you can solve a conflict without having to first click or select it. Most common actions are proposed, the menu contains all the actions as well.
  • The Check updates menu sending to the website was replaced by a dialog box with automatic detection of newer versions, proposing in priority the free upgrades in your user account.

  • In addition to FTP/S, the Secure Shell FTP protocol (aka SFTP) is also supported. You can connect using password, private key or ssh-agent/pageant.
  • The connection box was extended and can now show the connection log in case of error.

  • ECMerge ActiveX now exists as 32 and 64 bits
  • Support was added for "Secure for scripting", this is done by disabling all scripting until a host constrained / DSA secured serial number or license package was provided.

Mac OS X
  • This version relies much more on Cocoa native framework, giving a better look and feel.

  • Added a Debian package and RPM file distribution. ECMerge is installed with a single click with these methods. The .tbz archive remains to allow non-admin, user local installation.

  • Perforce "Unicode" mode is now supported (using perforce-unicode:// URLs)
  • Improved behaviour with accents on Unixes and OS X for Subversion
  • Added a note about garbled accents in Subversion plug-in on Windows
  • Improved behaviour of Darcs, Mercurial and Git on Unixes and OS X.
  • Added support for "bare" repositories for Git.

  • Keep orphans / Remove orphans actions are now supported (in 2 way only as it makes sense only in this case) by considering as orphans the lines present in a insertion/deletion conflict.

ECMerge 2.4 build 161 (04/03/2012)

Bug fixes
  • Fixed bug n223 and 448: tooltips might stop showing randomly

ECMerge 2.4 build 160 (04/03/2012)

Bug fixes
  • Fixed bug n444: modifying proxy authentication information might crash application
  • Fixed bug n445: when a redraw happens while diff graph are partially set up ECMerge might crash
  • Fixed bug n446: when items are sorted by mime-type, removal might crash ECMerge
  • Fixed bug n447: during installation windows shell extension might cause a 0xC0000147 exception, though potentially correctly registered

ECMerge 2.4 build 159 (01/09/2012)

Bug fixes
  • Fixed bug n437: folder diff viewer might show wrong type of object for 'special' file systems objects (links, devices...) considering them as folders
  • Fixed bug n438: when failing to encode text files content appropriately when saving to FTP, ECMerge might stop working
  • Fixed bug n439: when FTP authentication fails while loading a binary file, the view might be loaded incorrectly
  • Fixed bug n440: default field in status bar should always be left aligned
  • Fixed bug n441: status bar reports that the image cannot be scrolled but it is scrolled correctly
  • Fixed bug n442: Save and solve works correctly but the user interface does not report it appropriately in folder view

ECMerge 2.4 build 158 (11/17/2011)

Bug fixes
  • Fixed bug n424: when folders are not supported by protocol handler (simple HTTP), filtering does not work
  • Fixed bug n428: resolving should not be blocked by a missing source
  • Fixed bug n429: read_number function with on offset out of range might crash for a file in memory
  • Fixed bug n432: searching inside differences might crash for text and binary views
  • Fixed bug n433: when missing source folder is created as the result of output operations, result is OK but UI fails to show it
  • Fixed bug n434: when a match is found, binary diff fails to resynchronize correctly other views

  • It is now possible to gain access to a Document object created inside ECMerge scripting engine (as a FHAxMergeDocument object), as well as a SourceDescription (as a FHAxMergeSource object)
  • It is now possible to set options which expects a SourceDescription directly from the options() member. Use an FHAxMergeSource to do so.

ECMerge 2.4 build 156 (10/06/2011)

Bug fixes
  • Fixed bug n415: when copying small files, progression might not be reported correctly
  • Fixed bug n416: on Mac OS X, the cursor might not show in binary views
  • Fixed bug n417: comparison of archives as binary might trigger decompression
  • Fixed bug n418: Could not generate reports in text format for Polish
  • Fixed bug n419: when opening a ZIP as a folder comparison from another folder comparison, the ZIP might be uncompressed several times
  • Fixed bug n420: on Windows Vista and 7, shell extension might work only during the session of installation and stop working when logging again
  • Fixed bug n422: small glitches when drawing collapsed region exactly aligned with display lines
  • Fixed bug n423: Cursor might not show at first position in second column of binary views

ECMerge 2.4 build 155 (9/30/2011)

  • Toolbars icons now available in small and large size
  • Most text or combo fields with available validity tests are now automatically colored in red when they do not comply (e.g. regular expressions, patterns...)
  • Changed the name of executable on Windows to "ecmerge.exe" and "ecmerge-cli.exe", so that "ecmerge" name is used as well on Windows as on Unixes
  • Improved ECMerge icon for high resolutions on Windows and Mac OS X

Text Edition and Merging
  • Improved find/replace function to avoid cycling in the document
  • Added many default file types to ignore easily comments (ADA, Bash, Batch, C/C++, COBOL, ColdFusion, Delphi, HTML, INI, InnoSetup, PO, PHP, SmallTalk, SQL...)

Binary Comparisons
  • Elli Computing Merge now displays binary documents and comparisons
  • Define specific binary file types based on file name patterns, in which you will be able to specify static or dynamic fields to ignore (timestamps, random blocks, comments initialized by production software...)
  • Generate accurate comparison statistics on Binary Comparisons

Bug fixes
  • Fixed bug n387: truncated icon labels
  • Fixed bug n390: FTP failed login might query repetitively for user/pwd
  • Fixed bug n392: open menu item in Launcher would not always work
  • Fixed bug n396: equality test and file copy could be slow on local network with high lag.
  • Fixed bug n401: progression could go mad with copy larger than 4GB
  • Fixed bug n412: crash when using empty filter inside lines AND checking "use lines filter to ignore"

ECMerge 2.3 build 124 (7/4/2011)

  • Fixed bug n383: a crash report is displayed when trying to open the missing file for a named session

  • Help system now supports search highlighting: whenever a keyword is searched in the help file, the occurrences are highlighted in the presented page (with a yellow background).

ECMerge 2.3 build 123 (2/17/2011)

  • Fixed bug n380/381 with trial, during first execution some features may not work as expected
  • Improved Xtract trial when testing comparison of Microsoft Word, RTF or Open Office text documents
  • Documented --open-conflict command line switch

Images and Binaries
  • Improvement: return code can now be used in combination with diff2/diff3 mode to determine if files are different in quiet mode

  • Fixed bug n374/375: ignoring signle lines and lines covered by a regular expression could interfer

ECMerge 2.3 build 122 (1/4/2010)

  • Fixed few translations

  • Implemented workaround to Windows 7 GDI bug, causing potential memory corruption and crashes.
  • Implemented workaround to Windows 7 anti crash 'feature', indeed preventing crash reports from being generated
  • All executables are now numerically signed to help some anti-virus trust ECMerge

ECMerge 2.3 build 121 (11/25/2010)

  • Fixed bug n370: crash in filters/file types options panel
  • Fixed bug n371: spurious box sometime showing in --lockedui mode
  • Fixed bug n372: Windows Shell Extension would not always show on 64 bits OS

ECMerge 2.3 build 120 (11/10/2010)

  • Fixed bugs 365 and 367: selection might not be really practical after using RE helpers buttons
  • SVN integration documentation was improved
  • Reduced trial box pressure, it is now presented once a day only or when the trial expired and the application is blocked

  • Fixed bug n363: generic copy box does not remember last action
  • Fixed bug n369: missing normaliz.dll could provoque a crash

  • Fixed bug n362: trying to open file.png.merge-left.r768 does not work, file name was not undecorated prior to matching files extensions

  • Improvement: default font should be more practical for reading code

ECMerge 2.3 build 119 (10/18/2010)

  • Fixed bug n360: crash may happen after combination of wokrspace renaming and removals
  • Fixed bug n361: removing currently selected workspace might not behave as expected

  • Fixed bug n357: mirroring generic copy action might not remove completely folders with content

Mac OS / Unixes
  • Fixed bug n356: fixed script generated in $(HOME)/bin which might not always work as expected

  • Fixed bug n358: on Windows Vista/7, upgrading the shell extension worked only if not yet triggered by explorer.exe
  • Fixed bug n359: text insertion helper button might remove part of the manipulated string unexpectedly on Windows

ECMerge 2.3 build 118 (10/05/2010)

  • The menus were reorganized to be more rational and make actions easier to find
  • The Launcher now have a Site section in which you can store the settings for your FTP and SCC sites
  • A problem submitter box was added which let you submit a ticket in our support ticket interface easily
  • The status bar now displays the colours legend together with the statistics
  • Files types and converters which are hidden by the pattern of other file types and converters are displayed in red in the list, so that you immediately see that they are not activated, the hiding patterns are displayed in blue.
  • The integration with the file explorer is now present on Linux (Nautilus, Konqueror, Thunar) and Mac OS X (Finder + Service Menu for Snow Leopard) in addition to Windows.
  • A new Open Conflict File menu item let you open conflict files generated by CVS, SVN, Perforce, Git, Mercurial, Bazaar and ECMerge itself. It allows you to solve those conflicts easily, from the contextual menu of the file explorer of your system as well as from within ECMerge.
  • The Windows 95, 98, Me, Nt and 2000 platforms are not supported any more.

  • A button is available in HTML and XML export dialog box to reach immediately Reports option in the session.
  • Added a button to browse for the CSS

  • When "Scan sub-folders" button is depressed, collapsing folders unschedules comparison. It lets you "pause" comparison for those folders.

  • Two modal buttons were added in the toolbar, you can choose between "Move image on screen" and "Change images alignment"
  • The differentiation mode called "Blank similar" was renamed "Mask similarities"
  • Support for loading TGA files

ECMerge 2.2 build 113 (07/12/2010)

  • Fixed bug n338: cannot find } characters in normal text
  • Fixed bug n339: in folders replacing with $1.ext does not work
  • Fixed bug n342: renaming a folder might makes it appear empty, as if deleted
  • Fixed bug n348/350: logs might get partially lost when a great quantity of logs are output at once
  • Fixed bug n351: status bar field not always cleaned correctly
  • Fixed bug n352: in image diffs, panel should not be draggable

  • Added ability to set default text colour in OptionsSet (display.unchanged_text_fgcolor)
  • Fixed bug n346: FolderDocument.Item ignore member does not work as documented

ECMerge 2.2 build 112 (05/05/2010)

  • Added documentation about how to use --sip (in particular on Windows)
  • Fixed bug n324: when ECMerge is run with a script it should not load default desktop
  • Fixed bug n328: javascript documentation
  • Fixed bug n329: launcher shown when ECMerge started in "locked-ui" mode
  • Fixed bug n330: on file new diff, button to open "something" always opens a file by default, even for a folder diff
  • Fixed bug n331: the copy option set button does not change copied optionset unique id
  • Fixed bug n332: when loading problems happen, is_in_fully_resolved_state might still return true
  • Fixed bug n333: cannot save inclusive merge in GUI
  • Fixed bug n336: if a (XML derived) report for Text or CSV is output to clipboard, it appears as Chinese chatacters

ECMerge 2.2 build 111 (19/03/2010)

SCC listings
  • Fixed bugs about SubVersion, CVS, Perforce, Mercurial
  • Added Darcs, GIT and Bazaar plugins. Darcs 2.4 is required, GIT 1.7 is required

  • Added merge in-line left then right and right then left, which let you merge at word or character level and select those combinations of text when a conflict occurs
  • Added the ability to parameter the markers to be used when using inclusive merge (line and in-line), inclusing their presence and their content.
  • More comparison parameters are now available from the scripting (including typed.text.comparison.match_... serie)
  • Fixed bug n319: potential crash when applying patches on text files

  • Fixed bug n321: image file types may not be well open when certain auto-selection conditions happened
  • ECMerge tested to compare Adobe DNG files as thumbnails, with the addition of the DNG File type.

  • Fixed bug 314: file names with same symbols were not always associated because of different normalization form of Unicode
  • Fixed bug 315: cancelling when pressing Star (*) key to expand all folders would not terminate rapidly

  • Fixed bug 318: Xtract crash on certain Word DOC files generated by Office 2010

  • Fixed bugs 305-307/309/320-322
  • Added System.Threading.Thread.sleep (milliseconds), System.Console.beep ( )

  • Added more robust filtering of bad entries returned by servers to support TypSoft FTP Server

ECMerge 2.2 build 109 (Junuary 07th, 2010)

SCC listings
  • Fixed bug 294: Mercurial and CVS listing of files inside otherwise empty deep folders hierarchy would not be listed
  • Fixed bug 296: trying to obtain file content for files in deep folder hierarchy could fail with Perforce

Patch Import
  • Fixed bugs 287 to 290, 292, 298 (including interface improvements, feature correctness and crash fix)

Unix-based (Linux, Solaris, Mac OS X)
  • Fixed bug 299 which could cause repeated comparison of some files
  • Fixed bug 300 and 301 which could prevent proper patch application in folders and generation

ECMerge 2.2 build 109 (Junuary 07th, 2010)

  • Fixed bugs 274 to 281 and bugs 283 to 286
  • Fixed documentation about how to ignore lines in files

  • Added right click macro action "Touch" which set last modification date of all selected files and folders contents to now
  • Added right click macro action "Set dates" which let you set last modification, last access and creation date to a specified value, for selected files

  • Added function to manipulate file dates from the scripting (VFS.set_dates) as well as attributes (VFS.attrib). VFS.attrib handles Windows attributes as well as traditional Unix modes (as would a chmod command)
  • Added function VFS.stat which returns metadata for a file or directory (a more efficient equivalent to VFS.dir with the filename specified as filter)
  • All the dates are now reflected inside VFS.Metadata structures, you can thus read and use those dates from scripting

  • Added the ability to ignore portions of lines when comparing at line level, the portions of lines can be expressed as set of columns with descriptions such as "1-20;55-" or through regular expressions, in that case you can exclude text matched (or not matched) by the entire expression or sub-expressions.
  • Undoing pretty-printing actions generating thousands of lines is now instant

ECMerge 2.2 build 108 (December 12th, 2009)
  • Fixed bugs n263 to 273 (including crash on Mac)

  • Non recursive mode was changed into a mode which filters out sub-folders (-R- command line switch)

ECMerge 2.2 build 107 (November 25th, 2009)
  • Fixed bugs n251 to 262 (including command line export parameters, Xtract generating spurious texts, SCC date field, scripting, translations and potential freeze)

ECMerge 2.2 build 106 (November 6th, 2009)

  • Workspaces can be added and deleted, anonymous sessions can be deleted or saved as named sessions
  • Automatic check for software updates is now triggered later (few days after first usage)
  • Changed evaluation logic, now based on days of usage and no more trial serial number is needed
  • Fixed bug n248-250

  • The message informing that a resolution action had no effect is now displayed in status bar rather than a box
  • Folder sessions save more information, including ignored items and resolution actions

Source Code Control plugin
  • Added Mercurial plug-in

Unixes & Mac OS X
  • New scripts "merge.exe" and "guimerge.exe" were added, they mimic the behaviour of the Windows executables. Multiplatforms tools using ECMerge can use those names which are now the same on all platforms.

ECMerge 2.2 build 105 (July 6th, 2009)

  • Added user provided Brazilian translation

  • Fixed bug n243: some RTF files could contain zero bytes which were output to converted text and in turn caused ECMerge to handle it as binary.

ECMerge 2.2 build 104 (June 1st, 2009)

  • Generic copy and Write merge result dialogs now have an "Auto-run unless Shift is pressed" choice, reducing the number of interactions to get your copies and merges done.
  • Fixed bug n242: after a comparison failure, copying over or removing a file did not reset error state for that item

Mac OS X
  • Fixed bugs n235-237, 240-241, improving greatly usability

Unixes (Linux / Solaris)
  • Added File browser preference to specify which browser to launch to view folders (Nautilus and Konqueror are auto-detected)
  • ECMerge can now be installed anywhere, you do not need root privilege anymore

ECMerge 2.2 build 103 (April 12th, 2009)

  • Few samples of command line usage were added in samples/ sub-directory, for Windows and Unix's-like (inclunding Mac)

  • ZIP files are treated by Xtract in priority now
  • Xtract handles as ZIP files all the OpenOffice and MS Office XML formats which are not handled natively
  • The built-in plug-in for WinRAR could fail to call WinRAR correctly, thus not unzipping files of archives
  • The error message when conversion fails is now more useful

  • New buttons 'Orphan' buttons (Keep and Remove ) make it easier to deal with orphans, it was already possible through "Solve conflicts with typical rules" button, but was not that easy.
  • Behaviour of Keep the most recent/oldest file is more now practical as well

  • The HTTP / HTTPS client of ECMerge can issue GET command, thus reading and comparing files from a web server. This feature let the ActiveX control compare files on the web
  • All other commands are non-supported yet

  • It's now easier to use CSV and Text reports, you just have to click a menu entry in XML reports panel (the stylesheet button bears a drop down menu).

ECMerge 2.2 build 102 (March 23rd, 2009)

  • Added Microsoft Word 6, 95, 97, 98, 2000, 2003, 2005, 2007 text conversion to Xtract. Automatic numbers for paragraphs are not yet extracted.
  • Fixed bug n230: could provoque spurious "options changed in application reference copy of optionsset" messages

  • Fixed bug n228: generic copy would provoque recompare even on items skipped because there was nothing to do for them
  • Fixed bug n229: deleting objects then pressing Goto next/previous diff/conflict could crash the application in rare cases
  • Behaviour of Generic Copy was changed to include the option 'compate metadata' by default, greatly speeding up the copy press in many cases

Mac OS X
  • Rosetta emulation cannot cope with 'Wait for end of application' event in our code, so those features cannot be tested thoroughly

ECMerge 2.2 build 101 (March 3rd, 2009)

  • Fixes bug 219 to 222 and 224 to 226

  • Added Rich Text Format (RTF) to text conversion to Xtract. The RTF extractor understands code page commands and works with Windows, Mac for Western as well as Eastern languages (Japanese, Korean, Chinese...)
  • Xtract now its own serial number handling and obfuscate a little its output in Limited Demo, Xtract can be licenced separately from ECMerge.
  • Added simple converter for Microsoft Excel to CSV (runs on Windows only with Excel installed)

  • Added support for the 'Document.information' member, giving access to detected file types, languages... letting scripts handle files in function of this information.
  • Added Folder Easy Synchronization macro-command (two arrows button), which let you set easily options for comparison and mirroring left to right and vice versa)

  • Simplified 'Hide conflicting items' behaviour: resolved items would be considered is 'initially conflicting' thus placed in the category. Though you can force identical item to be 'resolved', thus modifying their hidden status. Now, the Hide 'identical/different/conflicting' items rule depends only on comparison status, not any more on resolution status

ECMerge 2.2 build 100 (February 10th, 2009)
  • New EC Xtract converter built-in allow comparison of ODT, SXW and DOCX files
  • Options sets are now shared, with a master copy of them in the application
  • New "file types" were introduced, they associate comparison type, editing, formatting and ignorable items to the file names.
  • File types and converters are shared amongst all the options set, unless specifically specified (you can forcefully isolate the file types and/or converters of an options set unchecking the "Use shared file types/converters". Both can be imported and exported for safety and sharing.
  • The Launcher was introduced, it allows to quickly restart comparisons, it handles workspaces (list of tabs to re-open as they were when the workspace was closed)
  • New command line options improve integration with SCC as a differ
  • Comparisons get a more meaningful title
  • New alphanumeric with numeric order when appropriate in folders (e.g file10 comes after file2 though it is not lexical order)
  • Sources combo are now all handled at once when pressing Enter or the Validate buttons
  • Many new scripting features (pre-compiled macros, contextual menu integration, shared file types and converters manipulations, macro settings, toSource support, temporary files/directories)
  • Fixes bug between 194 and 208

ECMerge 2.1 build 82 (November 3rd, 2008)

  • Fixed bug n182: error in documentation (misleading indication about --mode=merge3)
  • Fixed bug n183: swap to 3-way after opening a 2-way ECMT crashes
  • Fixed bug n187: error message still truncated in some conditions

  • Fixed bug n186: bug in comparison scheduling order gives (very) deceptive time evaluation, while comparison time is not altered itself

Source code control plugin
  • Fixed bug n185: presence of non ASCII characters in path could prevent auto-checkout feature

Unix based OSs (Linux, Mac, Solaris)
  • Fixed bug n184: listing directories with broken symbolic links fails with error File not found

ECMerge 2.1 build 81 (August 25th, 2008)

  • Fixed bug n178: when opening a graphical difference from command line, the first view 'result' pane may have inappropriate height
  • Fixed bug n179: Image Comparisons/Colors panel position is not top/left as others.

  • Fixed bug n180: message 'unknown PASV reply' could show, when simply retrying does work

ECMerge 2.1 build 80 (August 8th, 2008)

  • Added new automatic multi-user activation for system administrators (see Multi-user activation in documentation)
  • Fixed Bug n174: error message in blank 'empty view' not always high enough to show entire message

  • Added new macros toolbars and default shortcuts, it is now even easier to customize ECMerge
  • "script_url" is now available during macro scripts execution

  • Fixed Bug n176: folders date precision too tight may prevent the "Compensate filesystem precision loss" from working

ECMerge 2.1 build 79 (July 1st 2008)

  • Fixed bug n172: Open again/similar box would not always take new option set into account

  • Fixed bug n167: FolderDocument.get_item did not work straight after "new Document"

  • Fixed bug n162: in Unix unified patches, the "\ No new line at end of file" notation was not parsed correctly
  • Fixed bug n165: application of 'normal' format patches may fail with "Warning: source should be missing and is present"
  • Fixed bug n166: patches between files with no dates had no date in header which results in patches not easily parsable by other tools
  • Fixed bug n169: for patch import help ID is wrong, though the help page exists

  • Added PO Files colorization
  • Fixed bug n170: language recognition with filename fails for contextualized names (i.e. with ;id=value)

  • Changed behaviour of default action in folder view (triggered by double-click or enter key), now if any folder is selected, the default action is to toggle the expansion at one level, else it is to open the selected files (as differences in differentiation or merge mode and as simple editor for the browser)
  • Added "Refresh" for selection only, which is particularly handy when comparing very large collections of files/folders and you know that only a few directories need to be listed again
  • Fixed bug n159: dragging from icon in folder view did not work
  • Fixed bug n160: could not parse some FTP listings
  • Fixed bug n161: changing run-time parameters in folder diff view should not reset files comparisons
  • Fixed bug n164: dragging to copy may not work as expected
  • Fixed bug n168: right click menu Open Diff As sub-items were not disabled in browser

Mac OS X
  • Fixed bug n163: "Save" box for new files wants a dot at end of file name
  • Fixed bug n171: image viewer could not activate right click menu on Mac when Left click+Ctrl is used to simulate right click

ECMerge 2.1 builds 77 and 78 (May 26th 2008)

  • Changed startup options handling: now --default is accepted but ignored and new flag --factory was introduced. --factory requires factory settings to be used for the document initially loaded and ensures that the run is independent from local machine/user settings.
  • Added --log-to which let logs be written to any URL (currently FTP/FTPS or local) in addition to their normal target (standard error and log window). Users can now get errors log in a common way on whichever platform they run Elli Computing Merge.
  • Added --app-settings-file and --app-settings-file-read-only options. --app-settings-file let you specify a particular location on local disk to load/save the settings file, this is particularly useful for bundlers who can save Elli Computing Merge settings in their own settings directory this way. --app-settings-file-read-only prevents writing to the settings file.
  • Fixed bug n152: --serial-number parameter was taken into account later than necessary in some situations
  • When --cli or --quiet was used, a default document was still generated as in normal GUI , it could be unpractical and was removed

  • The --serial-number command line flag was mistakenly documented as --serial.
  • The member 'document_type' of Document.Parameters was mistakenly document as 'object_type'.

  • Fixed bug n154: Problems could occur when using filename filtering options

  • Added System.Console object which let scripts read lines of text from standard input and write text to standard output and error streams. This is practical to parameter your scripts with list of files, or to display your results based on Elli Computing Merge comparison structures. With the quiet flag activated, you get only your own output.

Mac OS X
  • Fixed bug n155: language list not sorted on mac
  • Fixed bug n157: Typing Apple-Y when there is nothing more to Redo types Y
  • Fixed bug n158: Sometimes changing columns width in Folders view could crash

ECMerge 2.1 build 76 (March 12th 2008)

  • Added on option which lets a bounding process run ECMerge with a provided serial number (--serial="licence-key"), allowing bundling of ECMerge to be totally independent from the installed version and its configuration

  • Fixed: Writing inclusive merge result in 2 way would not put markers around second side on conflict
  • Default 'Save' action on close now saves the result, no more an ECMS/ECMT.

  • Running folders in GUI mode from command line disables --lockedui mode
  • New options (include/exclude patterns) available from the OptionsSet objects
  • Fixed double question for: 'File write protected, do you want to check it out?'

  • Added System.Process and System.Synchronization hierarchies to run process and wait for their termination
  • Added "properties" member to URL and parameter to new URL letting all the advanced options be used from scripting (multi-connection, SCC branches/labels browsing, encryption flags...)

  • Added an option to let the user choose between saving the settings in the "local settings" section or in the normal roaming section of the user profile.

ECMerge 2.1 build 73-75 (December 17th 2007)

This version contains several bug fixes (n143 151). It brings also these features:

  • Added is_in_fully_solved_state function on Document object
  • Added --pdl-script and --pdl-script-text command line options
  • Added new function RegExp.execBackward which has the same specification as RegExp.exec but searches backward for the regular expression

  • Documented Application.script_url variable, already available since first 2.1

ECMerge 2.0 build 55 (May 12th 2006)
Unix platforms
  • Fixed a problem with particular serial numbers

ECMerge 2.0 build 53/54 (Jan. 25th 2006)
  • Fixed editing source combo then clicking browse button combination, the latest edition was ignored
  • Improved Help Window, keeping font and other settings

Folders View
  • Tooltip on file name is now made of the entire path
  • Recursive removal now handles better read-only files and does not enter any more symbolic links to folders
  • Fixed an error writing results, which could happen when using auto-merge

Text Comparison
  • Fixed a problem when reloading ECMS files: in certain conditions, "Inconsistency found" message would be displayed.

Windows specific
  • Fixed launch parameters in Windows Explorer extension, the factory settings were used rather than the default settings
  • Fixed Unicode file name handling in Windows Explorer extension, now a Unicode build is deployed on WinNT/2K/XP/Vista

Linux specific
  • Added documentation to explain how to remove ECMerge with only two commands

ECMerge 2.0 build 51 (Nov. 22nd 2006)
  • Fixed Folder font options

Text Editor
  • Fixed Shift-F3 backward find, would go forward after some searches
  • Fixed Shift-F7 Previous Difference, would jump some differences

Text Comparison
  • Added "Resolve with" documented shortcuts to the Right-Click Menu and to the toolbar's tool

  • Fixed: rename function would fail silently
  • Fixed: browsing top folder of servers with an entry path

ECMerge 2.0 build 50 (Nov. 15th 2006)
  • Configuration file now uses a new name each time forward compatibility is not insured (allowing parallel installations)
  • Improved Find box (Find/Replace MRU, Wrap option, Mark All, Replace All)
  • Improved Windows List dialog box (handle double-click to activate, del/backspace to close), added a shortcut to get it
  • Dropping a file system item on the empty or error view opens this item in the panel
  • When swapping between 2 way and 3 way differentiation, the ancestor source is remembered
  • Fixed: (Under Win9x only), dragging files from a folder view cause a wrong drop (filenames are split at each character)
  • Fixed: When starting a drag, the selection is sometimes reset to a single item near the start of the drag
  • Fixed: Multithreaded comparison scheduler is not stopped during copy operations, and may interfer during file loading
  • Fixed: Win9x/Me have very tight GDI limits preventing more than approximately 18 diffs or 90 editors, using more than these numbers may crash. The application implements a hard limit (12 views)

User Interface
  • German and Italian translations
  • Improved notebook design (add close button to the tab, navigation arrows)
  • Improved application icons
  • Much more toolbar options are now available. Toolbars can be dragged, docked and hidden.
  • New "Document Type" combo allows you to switch document type dynamically for given sources (for example, to compare binarily text or images, or compare text source of XPM images)
  • Output locations selectors (glasses/database write arrow icons at the right of source selection Browse Menus) replace previous Select as Output Location menu item, as well the Selection Output Location dialog box and option panel
  • Can now jump from View/Edit mode to Comparison mode by pressing 2/3 button in the toolbar
  • Accelerated various boxes and Views closure

New FTP / FTP over SSL connectivity
  • Active / Passive connections
  • FTP over SSL (using AUTH TLS/SSL or using implicit SSL connections)
  • Comparisons are done very efficiently (on large sets of small files Ellié Computing Merge goes much faster than several of our concurrents by using multiple parallel connections, and the "numerous small files" case is the common case with web sites)
  • A log view can be enabled to show you the potential connection problems
  • Various options allow you to use anynomous login, passwords, SSL certificate authentication, server authentication

Text Editor
  • Added Auto-Indent

Text Comparisons
  • New in-line merge features helping resolution of Change/Change conflicts
  • Enabled word wrapping in differences (making comparisons of long lines more practical)
  • Improved line synchronization in heavily modified text files differentiations

Image Comparisons
  • Supports web formats (PNG, GIF, JPG), plus many others (BMP, XPM, TIFF...)
  • Several differentiation algorithms (Blank similar which overlays two images and blanks similar areas, Difference which shows directly arithmetic colours components difference, accumulated or chanel per chanel)
  • Zoom, stretch and alignment
  • New image XML and HTML report, differences and thumbnails and images are generated as PNG (all of them are optional), metrics are output in XML/HTML (PSNR / MSE, exact/similar/different pixels count)

Folder Browser / Comparisons
  • Copy / Paste to the sources combos work and keep all the connection parameters
  • Added "Select Bookmarked Items" menu item
  • Added a warning limit when opening numerous views from a Folder
  • Added comparison re-scheduling code which favours currently viewed items
  • Plus, minus and star key now operate on the entire selection, rather than the current item
  • Added grouping of folders (optional, to Top or Bottom)
  • Added sort by any column (name, size, MIME type, differences count)
  • New filtering options in 3-way mode (excluding file which are unchanged only at left/right, this is very practical to show a subset of what one co-worker only changed)
  • Case sensitiveness of file names comparison is now an option
  • Right click menu Open commands have been improved, drag'n'drop as well 

ECMerge 1.2 build 34 (Sept. 7th 2006)
  • Text editor would always ask for new file namewhen savinga file opened from MRU combo
  • Added dynamic language handling. Simply adding a directory with a language code and the right files inside it (lg.xml, report.xsl and .po files) will show new language in Language / Application box. If you want to translate Merge, please contact us, we will give you explanation and material to easily translate the software. We can give free licences to translators
  • Renamed "File Comparisons" into "Text Comparisons" in order to prepare for other types of differentiations
  • Improved memory footprint of the statistical engine as well as its speed
  • Fixed some translations
  • Improved documentation
  • Simplified Licence

Folder Comparisons
  • Default comparison option is now set back to "Check files content if date or size are different"
  • Fixed problem stopping idle comparisons
  • Fixed crash when using backward find on fully empty differentiation

Text Comparisons
  • Fixed crash in XML Filter on some mal-formed XML
  • XML Filter defaults were changed from "All tags" to "Tags with no spaces", which should have been the default (because it gives far better results)

  • Fixed bug in binary file report using monochrome rendering
  • Fixed bug generating simple binary reports from command line
  • Fixed bug preventing report generation when using relative paths from command line
  • Fixed bug in folder reports forcing column widths to inappropriate values
  • Fixed least/most recent icon background bug in IE
  • Added explanation on how to print HTML reports from IE, Mozilla, Netscape with best rendering
  • Added new details within the files differences statistics in folders report
  • Added explanation about last Changes Count column in folders report
  • Added information about changes inside conflicts for text files, making it easier to evaluate the actual time to solve these conflicts
  • Added new option "Format lines in a single column for identical parts", this new option is activated by default
  • Added information about actual loading encoding for files
  • Changed HTML reports graphical design to follow Elli Computing website
  • Reduced the size of generated HTML reports (up to 30% in common cases, theoretically up to 70%)

ECMerge 1.2 build 33 (June 21st 2006)
  • Fixed a wrong message when it is not possible to Unlock a file (make it writable)
  • Fixed a crash when trying to use Open again... menu item
  • Used a better size for date/hour controls in Options panel
  • Improved the rendering of some UI elements (buttons, live-update for splitters...)
  • Improved drag'n'drop (dropping 2 or more files on combo is handled as in the top level frame, can drag'n'drop a sub-folder in a folder view to replace the root of differentiation without having to press Control key)

  • When dropping several files, the UI would not ask if they are to be compared or opened individually

Solaris 10 x86
  • First release for this platform, installable as a standard SunOs package

ECMerge 1.2 build 32 (June 12th 2006)
  • Fixed a regression bug when trying to open a binary comparison from command line
  • Fixed a regression when using the "Fill from clipboard" menu item in text mode
  • Fixed a regression when reloading folders documents (particular actions could provoque "Document not recognized" error)
  • Added handling for 32 new encodings on Windows (ISCII, Chinese, Japanese...)
  • Improved the behaviour of the software when it is not possible to make a backup file prior to saving (text views)
  • Fixed a visual bug in time field of "Filter by date" panel
  • Improved transitional memory overhead when loading large text files or pasting large texts
  • Added link in demo/test welcome screen to check if a newer version of the softexists
  • Renaming a file or folder in folder view would overwrite target file without confirmation

ECMerge 1.2 build 31 (June 7th 2006)
  • Fixed display problem in Text Comparisons HTML report generation: now constraint the file contents display to the screen width even with very long lines of text making the reports suitable for printing
  • Improved rendering of monochrome reports
  • Fixed Ctrl+TAB view navigation on Linux
  • View navigation gives focus to last used source
  • Searched text is now selected when opening Find box
  • Default action in Folder view is now to Open Diff is diff mode, Merge in merge mode (rather than always Diff)
  • Added shortcut for Delete (Shift+Delete key) in Folder view
  • "Set text output options" is now always available for Folder (even in Diff mode) to allow converting Generic Copy
  • Markers, ignored items and resolutions actions in Folder view are kept in more situations making a document easier to re-use

Templates and status files
  • Fixed a bug preventing reload of certain ancient ECM? files
  • Fixed a bug which discarded markers and ignored items at save time in rare conditions

  • Default installation now works out-of-the-box in most Linux systems (kernels 2.4 / 2.6)
  • Added a "Web browser" command line in the Commands panel of the Application Options. This command line is used as a fallback, if the system settings to launch a web browser cannot be found or used.

ECMerge 1.2 build 30 (May 29th 2006)
  • ECMerge is now multi-threaded, for a better resource usage on new Dual Core and multi-processors computers
  • Converters
    Files can now be preprocessedby user-defined converters. This allows to export PDF/Word files to plain text, or ZIP archives to folders.
  • Reports
    Patch, XML and HTML reports can be generated on both File and Folder Comparisons. Many customizable options. Define recurrent comparisons as .ecmt files and generate merge reports periodically. Reports in Folder Comparisons can be generated on the whole hierarchy, or on the selected/bookmarked items.
  • Comparisons statistics
    Displays a dialog box with the summary of the comparison: number of changed, unchanged, inserted, removed, ignored items. Comparisons statistics in Folder Comparisons can be generated on the whole hierarchy, or on the selected/bookmared items.
  • Options sets
    Define several sets of options you often use for Text or Folder Comparisons (comparison options, filters, converters, display). When opening a new comparison, you can select which set of options to use for it.
  • Find feature change
    ECMerge now finds the same text in all opened documents.
  • Pure command line application
    On Windows, a pure command line executable is delivered to be used in batches. On Unix, an argument can be specified to force pure command line behaviour.
  • Spanish translation
  • Filters by date
    Specify some date-based criteria to hide files and exclude them from the comparison
  • More filters by status
    Capability to hide files or folders present or missing in any of the hierarchies. Capability to hide all folders that do not contain any visible files.
  • Show/hide hidden files and folders
    Files andfolders that were excluded from the comparison (regarding Name/Status/Date criteria) can be displayed in the Folder Comparison view, using the colour assigned to "ignored" items.
  • More comparisonheuristics
    ECMerge nowhandles more heuristics to apply on files, so as todetermine whether they are equal or not regarding the specified criteria (based on date and/or size information). When these heuristics do not determine the file status, ECMerge will perform a content comparison.
  • Time zone adjustment
    Capability to set an offset for any of the folders hierarchies.
  • Generic Copy from one source to another
    ECMerge opens a dialog box to test/perform a copy actionfrom one folder hierarchy to another one. This dialog box shows how many file/folder creation, deletionor copy will occur. The user can choose not to do some of the predetermined operations.
  • Write merge result confirmation box
    equivalent feature to the "Generic Copy", when writting Folder Merge result.
  • Comparison views can now be displayed horizontally or vertically
  • Folder Comparisons specific display options:
    ancestor and right hierarchies indentation is now optional (only in vertical display),
    the date column can display an icon to show the newest/oldest file, or the date text,
    added a column with the number of differences between files.

ECMerge 1.1 build 27 (March 23rd 2006)
  • fixed a bug which could corrupt part of the content of the editor and could lead to the crash of the application

ECMerge 1.1 build 25 (Feb. 2nd 2006)
  • added a "limited demonstration" behaviour when no evaluation serial number is entered
  • the software now exists as two editions (Standard and Professional)
  • in-line differences, at word and/or character level
  • XML pretty-printing and compacting functions to display properly XML files
  • dynamic loading of files and folders for comparisons and merges. You can now open an empty window for comparing and merging files and folders, and then, specify which item to use as left, ancestor or right source. You can also fill a text source from the clipboard.
  • added security distance when merging 3 files to attract user attention on dangerous merges
  • better encodings handling at loading and saving time. Each file/folder defined as source or result of a merge can have its own encoding. For folder merges, a default encoding can be specified so that created files are automatically converted when written (useful when synchronizing folders hierarchies with different encodings).
  • better line endings handling at saving time. You can now force a line ending character to be used when writting a file (useful when synchronizing folders hierarchies on different systems using different text line delimiters).
  • added options corresponding to XML pretty-print/compact and in-line differences features
  • all Options-like dialog boxes now remember the last section displayed when dismissing the window, so that it is reopened on the same section.
  • added some keyboard shortcutsfor many commands (open options dialog boxes, navigate in differences and conflicts, ...)
  • in a TextComparison view, the comparison summary is displayed in the status bar
  • improved speed of application when switching from a Text Comparison view to a Folder view
  • added a contextual menu in TextMerge view to solve conflicts contained (even partially) in selected text.
  • fixed various bugs

ECMerge 1.0 build 22 (Dec. 12th 2005)
  • fixed various bugs
  • improved speed of drawing and navigation in Folders Comparison view,
  • reduced flickering when opening a new document (new tab).

ECMerge 1.0 build 21 (Dec. 1st 2005)
  • version for Linux,
  • syntax colouring,
  • Windows file Explorer context menu integration,
  • French localization.

ECMerge Beta
  • 3-way diff/merge,
  • Files and folders,
  • Many customizable options,
  • Integration with famous SCM.
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    If you would like other features to appear in our software please feel free to mail us at info@elliecomputing.com. We can also easilly port our applications to other operating systems.